Chess Quads Lets Play Chess!

Chess quads allows players to find opponents of similar strength and
helps to schedule the games to mutually agreeable dates and times.
This will make for more competitive games and finding games with more
serious opponents. Think of it as your chess partners (study group),
about your same strength with one purpose: to get better at chess.

Are you free for a serious game every Thursday night? Have time on
Tuesdays for a long game every week but players on your server just
want to play blitz? When you do start a long game on your server people
disconnect, leave, just don't play serious enough and you waste a great
opportunity for a good game?
Chess Quads was designed with you in mind.

Find 3 other players of similar strength and play 3 serious games in one
of the 3 most popular Internet chess servers when you join Chess Check the FAQ and sign up!
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